We have a reward system just like ranking belts in karate. 
- 10 walks earns a yellow bandana
- 25 walks earns a green bandana
- 50 walks earns a blue bandana
- 75 walks earns a purple bandana
-100 walks earns a red bandana
-150 = second degree red?

After that, who knows?

Want to see how many hikes your dog has been to?  Click here.
(Updated 5/18/13.)

Our current red bandana dogs are:
Bear Andersen NEW!
Lance Challand NEW!
Olive Andersen NEW!
Snoopy Minehart
ChaCha Rode
Charlie Rode
Casey Lueck

Our current purple bandana dogs are:
Logan Challand NEW!
Bailey Spitzer NEW!
Amir Johnson NEW!
Chloe Hansen

Our current blue bandana dogs are:
Jesse Hurley
Pippa Duty
Harley Yurchak
Gabe Lueck

Our current green bandana dogs are:
Cain Flores
Lucy Yurchak
Ella Wence
Comiskey Wence
Lacey Challand
Carly Rozhon
Charlie Anderson

Our current yellow bandana dogs are:
Lucy Lueck NEW!
Abbey Lueck NEW!
Jethro Schwartz NEW!
Chloe Flores
JD Flores
Coco Zimmerman
Jennie Kuntzelman
Jenny Hurley
Cooper Hoth
Blu Sparkman
Chaplin Fisher
Daisy Banning
Peyton Seefeldt
Skye Sparkman
Mauser Stromberg
Jackie Tarwood
Chloe Anderson
Joey Anderson
Kiko Olebang
Freckles Olebang
Arena Loper-King
Dillon Loper-King