ANOTHER surgery!  Lacey Challand

Lacey is home and doing ok.  She will be on limited activity for 6 weeks and no stairs for 12 weeks.  That should be challenging! Click on the picture if want to see the incision (and her cute little thigh).  Don't click on it if you're squeamish. 


Many of you know Stephanie - she's Lance, Logan and Lacey's mom and a trainer at Loving Paws. Her little one, Lacey, had a luxating patella and surgergy on Wednesday to repair it.  Pease wish her luck and a speedy recovery. 

-Jennifer, updated 3/25/11, 7:28 am


Kenai Update

Kenai's mom sent me this today (Monday, 3/21/11):

Kenai's surgery went well, she was allowed to come home the same day.  Thursday the day of the surgery she was groggy and very sore. 

By Friday evening she was walking on her tip toes, but Saturday she was putting her foot flat on the ground and now is walking on the leg just as well as she was before the surgery. 

The technique that was done for her torn Cranial Cruciate Ligament is called the TightRope.  Dr. Cook did this procedure via scope.  Because he uses a scope he was also able to repair the damage to her meniscus without having to open the joint.    Kanai has two incisions; one on the outside of her knee about 2 inches and one on the inside about 1 inch.   She is not casted and the incisions are no longer bandaged.

Because the procedure is less invasive her recovery time will be quicker.   However, I do have to keep her very quiet until the small drill holes made in her bones heal.  This will take two weeks and she is already wanting to play………..  Keeping her quiet for two weeks is going to be about as easy as nailing jello to a tree………

My girl is doing well.  As for if the surgery was a success, that will take a few weeks to know for sure.  But so far, so good.