In Memory of Gabe Lueck

December 4, 1999 - January 13, 2016

"He took my heart and ran with it, and I hope he's running still, fast and strong, a piece of my heart bound up with is forever." -Patricia McConnell

In Memory of Charlie Rode

January 7, 2004 – April 17, 2014


Our friend and fellow hiker Charlie passed away April 17.  As you probably know, Charlie had congenital eye problems that resulted in both of his eyes having to be removed.  He also had severe sinus issues that made him constantly congested and caused him to have difficulty breathing.  He developed some sort of neurological problem and his mom, Kathy, was forced to make the difficult decision we all dread with our beloved pooches. 


Charlie will always be remembered in the Hiking Club for his elaborate Halloween costumes (Scarecrow, Thing One, Minnesota Viking, Nemo and One Eyed Charlie the Pirate); for being a match set with his sister ChaCha; and, well, for barking.  A lot.  He had a lot of spunk and personality and wanted the whole world to know about it. 


I will always be grateful to Charlie for being the first friend my Casey ever made in the Hiking Club, which was a real achievement because of her reactivity to dogs.   He was extremely patient with her and never barked back at her or took offense to her behavior.   Because of Charlie and Casey’s friendship, his mom Kathy and I became very close friends.  


Charlie was a great friend and a real trooper right up to the end.  He will be greatly missed. 

Look out, God!  Heaven just got a lot louder!!!              -Jennifer

In Loving Memory of Snoopy
Snoopy Minehart
July 2007 to February 16, 2011
Snoopy's life changed from
uncertain to awesome as soon as he went home with Melinda in 2008. There was a very spec ial love between them.  You could feel their happiness when you were with them. Snoopy brought us all tons of laughter and joy. He was the star of the Loving Paws play groups and Hiking Club.  He loved going in the dog door during play groups to visit anyone in the house. We laughed so hard the first time he did it. What a smart dog.  Everybody that knew him, loved him.  There wasn't a dog that didn't like him.  Snoopy will be deeply missed and loved by all forever.