Pet Trek Walker

  • Built in bowl!
  • BPA free
  • Holds 34 ounces
  • Adjustable carry strap
  • Comes in blue, pink or gray
  • Available from

Dollar Store Bags

These bags take a little getting used to because they aren't as deep as traditional poop bags, but they're definitely worth it!  The handles are great for attaching used bags to a carabiner on a fanny pack.

Doggy Clean-Up Bags - lemon scented - 40 bags for $1
Diaper Disposal Bags - powder scented - 75 bags for $1

Car Harnesses and Seatbelts
Protect your dog on the way to and from hikes!
There are many brands and styles available.  Choose one that is made with quality hardware. 

Ticked Off
Ticks happen.  Get them off quickly and easily with this great little gadget.
I liked these things so much I bought a bunch from the company last spring.  I have about 5 left.  If you'd like one, just ask me the next time you see me.  Cost is $4.

Dog Backpacks
Sometimes a little extra weight can help tire a dog out or make him feel like he's doing a job.

High Sierra Solo Lumbar Pack
  • Holds a lot and fits comfortably. 
  • The partition inside keeps stuff organized.
  • Straps are adjustable up to 55"! 
  • Two daisy chains on the front to hold keys or used poop bags (with the help of a carabiner).
"This is the most comfortable fanny pack I've ever worn!"
-Sue (Gabe's mom)

Available from Gander Mountain in-store and online.

Leather Leashes
"Tell everyone to get leather leashes!  They're the best."
-Kerry (Bear and Olive's mom)

Harnesses and Head Halters
We like anything that makes hikes more enjoyable for owners of dogs that pull on leash (and is positive for the dog, too).  We especially like:
  • Sensible and Sensation Harnesses
  • Sporn Harnesses
  • Gentle Leaders
  • Halti Headcollars
  • Weiss Walkies
Sensation Harnesses and Gentle Leaders are available from Loving Paws.

Nite Ize Spotlit LED Light
  • Very bright light for those times when we're walking after dark.
  • Available in blue, red, white, green and rainbow.
  • Available from many places, but Campmor has the best price.

Tazlab Aqua Fur

I haven't tried this yet, but I think it's a really great concept.  It's already on Casey's Christmas list.
(I wonder if a silicone baking pan would work until Santa comes.)
  • Won't close on your dog's face when she's drinking  like cloth bowls (Casey hates that!)
  • Made from FDA-approved silicone
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Folds up into a neat little square
  • Holds 1 liter
  • Available from Tazlab's website

Boomerang Tags
These are the best ID tags anywhere.  Gabe and Casey have had theirs since we moved 5 years ago and they look as good today as they did the day we got them.  I've only lost one since I've been buying them and that was my own fault.  (It's somewhere in my yard... anyone have a metal detector?) No matter what type of collar (or harness!) your dog wears, they make a tag to fit.  And they don't jingle!
Check them out at